Digital Exploration Plan

The Digital Exploration Plan starts with education on the difference between traditional and digital business.  Teams gain a deep understanding of what Digital means for the Industry,  the Enterprise and the next Frontier.  We then dive deep into the current state in the categories below.  Deliverables include: Digital Velocity Index, Enterprise Reality Report, Continuous Learning Road Map.

  • Customer Reality
  • Enterprise Reality (product, supplier, culture & mindset, technology)
  • Leveraging partner innovation
  • Utilizing alternate resource models


Digital Journey Roadmaps

Next up - plan the Digital Journey!  Innovation ideation sessions are utilized to create Digital Journey Roadmaps.  The ultimate goal is customer centricity by gaining a deep understanding of the customer's problems and significantly increasing the velocity of doing business.  We go deep into these areas: Customer, Product, Supplier and all aspects of the Enterprise.  The outputs  are Tangible Accelerated Solutions including: 

  • Customized Digital Journey Framework
  • Digital Journey Roadmaps
  • Technology investment strategy and framework
  • Data Layer Framework
  • Conceptual Platform Architecture
  • Agile methodology Introduction


Spend Shift Analysis and Execution Plan

The purpose of the spend analysis and plan is to create a significant shift in spend from lights-on and traditional projects to Digital and Innovation.  Get Digital Velocity Principals have decades of experience in funding a high percentage of  digital and innovation through reduction in legacy costs.  We take a deep look at current spend challenges and deliver both a spend rationalization plan and an investment plan for Digital and innovation.  Business oriented Metrics are also provided for sustainability.